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AMERIGO - Sailing Yacht


 Thanks to her Swan pedigree, the sailboat Amerigo offers exhilarating sailing experiences; but a vacation on Amerigo can be much more!  Lisa is happy to be your tour guide/camp counselor, and will keep you as busy as you want to be. The sailboat Amerigo is equipped with high-end snorkeling gear and a 2-man kayak.  Guests who want more speed on the water can enjoy wakeboarding and tubing.  See the sample St. Barth activity itinerary below for an idea of an Amerigo vacation.

Day 1: Sail to Colombier for on-deck lunch, then get off the sailboat for a little to dinghy ashore for a beautiful coastline hike to Flamands.

Day 2: Morning snorkeling at Les Gros Islets, afternoon swim at Shell beach.  Cliff-jumping optional.

Day 3: Sail to Saline Beach, swim or dinghy ashore, lunch at the famous Le Tamarin.

Day 4: Water-sports day! Tubing and wakeboarding behind the dinghy, halyard-swinging from the sailboat.

Day 5: Wind-surfing lesson at Grand Cul-de-Sac.

Day 6: Morning hike along Anse du Grand Fond, afternoon sunbathing (and recovery) on deck.

Day 7: Around-the-island sail on the beautiful Amerigo sailboat, or around-the-island shopping!

Alternatively,take a quiet vacation day and enjoy the view from the hammock, with a good book and drink in hand.  Your holiday on Amerigo is yours to design and enjoy.

See the Locations page for a photo sampling of activities.

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